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The SmartData architecture addresses unique needs of complex interrelated applications such as realtime modeling systems. Originally developed in 1996 is is now available as a community edition under our 2008 Open Architecture Initiative.

This edition is targeted for .NET 3.5

The SmartData architectural pattern transcends programming languages and specific technologies. This community edition is developed using Visual Studio 2008 and targets the .NET framework v3.5. While most of the code is written in C#, the libraries can all be utilized from any CLR based language. COM Interop is not supported in this edition

This architecture is well suited for any application which has complex or dynamic interlationships between various components. Typical applications include Industrial Process Control and Complex Systems Modeling.

Additional information can be found at:

The first two installments of a tutorial on implementing SmartData can be found on
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* Part 1: Intelligent Data
* Part 2: Building Intelligent Entities

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